The Destruction Inside

For a very long time, life has thrown lemons in the faces of people with depression. The problem is that those people don't know how to make lemonade with it. Instead, they choose to just suck on the lemons and bear the bitter faces of sadness and evil that lies in the depths of their minds. Some people are battered down because of the sour parts of their lives, while others seek help and learn that by adding a little sugar and water, you can get a delicious lemonade.
It can be very difficult to seek help. One of the biggest reasons why is that when a person is depressed, they don't want to go out or socialize or be part of society at all. They feel most safe in their home, in their bed, by themselves. By doing this, they remove themselves all together from society and the lives of others. People don't come to visit anymore or ask them if they want to go out to do anything. It truly is a beautiful disaster. The outside worlds thinks that the depressed person just doesn't want to do something or is lazy. When in reality, it takes every bit of energy just for that depressed person to get out of bed each day and go to the bathroom or get something to eat. Most days, a depressed person doesn't even get dressed. They stay in their pajamas in their bed. A lot of the time, they take their meals in their bed because that is the place that they feel the safest. They don't interact with anyone, pushing everyone away. They even isolate themselves from their family. The hardest part about that is that their family should be pushing back. They should see that this person is not being lazy but they are needing help of some sort to get better. Depression is a disease. They need that person or persons to help get them out of bed, dressed, showered, fed, and out of the house occasionally. What they don't need is for people to leave them alone.
The same goes for the people who try too hard in the outside world. The ones who always seem to smile and are super friendly all the time. Those are the people who are dying inside. Those are the ones who kill themselves and everyone says "I don't understand how this happened. They were so happy and full of life". Just because it seems like someone is happy, it doesn't mean that they always are. Make sure to check up on them too. They need you too, even if they don't look like they do.
Be that person who helps to make lemonade. Reach out to your friends. Say hi to people you don't know. It might make a huge impact in their life. Remember, it's the smallest things that can make an impact on anyones life.